Secondary Combustion – ACG Re-creation Joint Exhibition《二次燃燒宣言♥2 — 動漫遊二次創作聯展》

Secondary Combustion – ACG Re-creation Joint Exhibition

Exhibition Period: 14 February – 7 March 2013

Opening Party: 7 – 9 pm, 14 February 2013

Address: The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 2:30 – 9:30pm

Participants: Fish Wong, Kizna, Shiki, Sora_Amaori, Yo, KuonYuu, KKP, Cat LuiMF, Saturn.G, Chagen, Knock-ko, KAU, Marta Aozora, Nei
Curator: Siumou Chow

Speaking of re-creation, it may remind you of funny parody images on web, the Copyright (Amendment) Bill in 2011, or some controversy on the issue. Have you ever thought about why some folks keep making re-creation, even if it may abuse the copyright law? What is so special about re-creation? Why don’t they just create their original?

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, 100ft. PARK is pleased to present a joint exhibition Secondary Combustion from 14 February – 7 March 2013 inviting 14 local illustrators who love making re-creation on animation, manga and games to elaborate the topic “lovers” from a different angle.

Saturn.G and Cat LuiMF personify well known characters and give them a warm gathering; Nei expresses how Hong Kong people think about Valentine’s Day through a character representing Hong-Konger; Yo and Shiki reconfigure the characters and their relationships different from the original; Knock-ko, Fish and Kizna give partners on batterfield a break to build up their special relationship; Chagen and KKP’s characters use chocolate to tell stories about Valentine’s Day; KuonYuu, KAU and Sora_Amaori freeze time and sublimate the warmest and the most fragrant moment before departure; while Marta Aozora gives a reunion to a pair of best friends suffering from eternal separation.

We hope the exhibition will get you to understand more about what re-creation is and why do they keep doing that.

For enquiries, please contact 6143 7029/ 6194 9101 or email to

《二次燃燒宣言2 — 動漫遊二次創作聯展》


開幕酒會;20132月14日晚上7 – 9

地點︰上環皇后大道中222號啟煌商業大廈LG4/F 2室實現會社





百呎公園將於2013年2月14 日至3月7日舉行二次燃燒宣言♥2 — 動漫遊二次創作聯展趁著情人節,邀請了十四位熱衷於動畫、漫畫及遊戲相關二次創作的香港本地繪師,以「情人」為主題,從不同的切入點進行創作。



若有查詢,請電 9013 9723/ 6194 9101或 電郵至