“Read Me Like A Book: Likink.com and the artist edition” |《我似是書本 來翻閱我吧 — 關於likink.com與其藝術書刊》



Read Me Like A Book: Likink.com and the artist edition”


Curator of the Exhibition: Andrew S Guthrie

Exhibition Period: 20 June – 7 July 2013

Opening Party: 7 – 9 pm, 20 June 2013 (Thursday)

Address: The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 2:30 – 9:30pm

www.likink.com is a Hong Kong based e-commerce website that distributes and produces artist’s books and editions focusing on works produced in and around Asia. For the exhibition, Likink has invited four of the artists listed on www.likink.com to excerpt examples from their work in the form of photographs or, in some cases, to exhibit the actual editions in the form of posters or pages from books.

“Artist’s books” specifically refers to an offshoot of conceptual art that, in the 1970s, attempted to create a mode and form of production that by-passed the traditional and occasionally elitist distribution points for art, such as museums and commercial galleries, while also creating a mass-produced and less expensive format for art.

Likink focuses on book or print edition as a unique format for art, it also desires to operate as an online archive of the “artist’s book”. In this regard, a selection of artist’s books and editions from the collection of the exhibition’s curator and director of likink.com Andrew Guthrie will be on display investigating the history and conceptual praxis of artist’s book.

100 ft. PARK will become a pop-up store during the exhibition opening. All materials available at www.likink.com will be on sales. 20% discount will be given to any cash transactions. You can also barter for books with other items. Details will be announced on Facebook.

Andrew Guthrie is an artist, writer and curator. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Hong Kong Art School and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His works have been exhibited in the US and Hong Kong. In 2003, he was awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Photography. In 2012, he established www.likink.com.

Members of the press are warmly invited to attend the opening reception. For enquiries, please contact 6143 7029 or email to info@100ftPARK.com

我似是書本 來翻閱我吧 關於likink.com與其藝術書刊 策展人;Andrew S Guthrie展覽日期:201362077開幕酒會;2013620(星期四)晚上7 9地點︰上環皇后大道中222號啟煌商業大廈LG4/F 2室實現會社開放時間:星期一至日下午230分至晚上930

www.likink.com為一間香港的網上書店,經銷及出版藝術家創作的書籍 artist’s book,特別是於亞洲地區創作的刊物。是次在百呎公園的展覽,Likink邀請了四位在www.likink.com出售刊物的藝術家參與展出。部份作品以相片的形式呈現,亦會展出他們創作的書刊、海報和書本內頁等。

「Artist’s book (藝術家的書)」是概念藝術的分支,七十年代的藝術家嘗試創造一種生產模式或生產的方法,撇開傳統精英體制下,博物館或商業畫廊等的藝術作品經銷途徑,製作出可大量複製及成本較低的藝術品形式。

Likink 除了是一間專注以書本作為藝術形式的書店外,亦希望作為artist’s book 的網上資料庫。展覽的策展人及likink.com 總監 Andrew Guthrie 將於展覽展出他收藏的部份artist’s book及其他藝術家創作的刊物。展覽亦藉此機會探討artist’s book的歷史和其中概念的實踐。

百呎公園在展覽開幕當晚將變身成pop-up store,售賣www.likink.com上的書刊,書刊會以八折出售 (只適用於現金交易)。觀眾亦可以物易物的方法帶走想擁有的書刊,詳情稍後在臉書公佈。

Andrew Guthrie是一位藝術家、作家、策展人,亦於香港藝術學院及香港中文大學擔任兼職講師。作品曾於美國和香港展出。 2003年,Guthrie 獲得麻省文化協會的攝影獎助金。2012年,成立了www.likink.com

歡迎傳媒界朋友出席開幕酒會。若有查詢,請電 9013 9723或 電郵至:info@100ftPARK.com