Embellished Nature |《自之綴然》

Embellished Nature

Exhibition Period: 28 July – 11 August 2013

Opening Reception and Book Launch: 6:30 – 9 pm, 28 August 2013 (Sun)

Address: The Coming Society, Flat 2, LG4, Kai Wong Commercial Bldg, 222 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 2:30 – 9:30pm

100 ft. PARK is pleased to present Embellished Nature, the solo exhibition of Ho Pak Kei. Distinct from the cityscape documentary photos that the artist has made, on show is a series of photographic works in which Ho Pak Kei actively engaged with the surrounding. He made use of handy objects to compose and left his personal marks in the environment. The spontaneous, casual and as-the-heart-desired mode of creation right reflects the attributes and cultivation that the creator possesses. There is a visceral impetus in every image; it could be pure awakening from the grand nature, or it could be expression of opinion to the current affair. Even the tiniest element in the nature – a tree branch, a petal, a leaf – can be the source of inspiration to Ho which provokes him to meditate on the world and life and arouses his imagination. The essence of the works is not the perfect production of images but the impulse of creativity and the affection to the world of creation of Ho.

Book launch of the Ho Pak Kei’s new book phi will be held at the opening reception of the exhibition. It is published by Small Tune Press and designed by designer Beatrix Pang; a collection of works of Land Art of Ho Pak Kei in the past two years and his understanding in golden spiral and transience in life.

Ho Pak Kei is a press photographer. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Japan and were awarded as honorable mentioned in Focus at Frontline in 2011 and winner in Focus at Frontline in 2008 by Hong Kong Press Photographers Association.





地點︰上環皇后大道中222號啟煌商業大廈LG4/F 2室實現會社


百呎公園將於2013年7月28日至8月11日舉行展覽《自之綴然》— 何柏基個人攝影展。是次展出的攝影作品有別於藝術家過往發表的城市環境紀實作品,何柏基主動介入客觀環境中,就地取材及構圖創作,在大環境中留下個人的印記。創作過程即興、隨性和隨心,而作品正正反影了創作者的本質及修為。每幅影像都隱藏著創作者的出發點,或許是純粹對自然的覺悟,或許是對社會議題的意見表達。可見大自然的元素,小至一節樹枝、一枚花瓣、一片落葉也能啟發何柏基對萬物和人生的思考,引發奇想。作品的重點不在製作上的「完美無暇」,而是何柏基簡單熱愛身邊自然的那種創作衝動。

展覽酒會當晚將同時舉行何柏基新書「phi」發佈會。新書由Small Tune Press出版,由設計師彭倩幗設計,結集了何柏基過去兩年的地景藝術創作和他對黃金迴轉和頃刻存在的平行理論的攝影紀錄。