I’ve been a bit lazy lately《我最近有點懶》|Solo exhibition of Damon Tong 唐偉傑 個人展

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I’ve been a bit lazy lately – Solo Exhibition of Damon Tong

Exhibition Period: 30 July – 31 August 2014
Opening Reception: 30 July,2014 7 pm – 10 pm (Wed) @ “ “100ft.PARK” (Site A)

Site A) G/F , 135 Lai Chi Kok Road, Tai Kok Tsui , Kowloon, Hong Kong
Site B) Oi! , 12 Oil Street, North Point , Hong Kong ( Exhibition : “Can We Live (Together)” @100ft.PARK)

Opening Hours:
A) Thur-Sun 2:30pm-8:00pm
B) Mon: 2:00 – 8:00pm | Tue to Sun : 10:00am – 8:00pm

About Exhibition


100ft Park proudly presents the debut solo exhibition of Damon Tong—I’ve been a bit lazy lately — synchronously in 100ft Park’s art space in Prince Edward and in Oil Street. Being invited by Oi! to participate in the can we live (together), 100ft. PARK collaborates with Damon Tong and presents his new work for this special occasion.

Damon makes use of stickers, pieces them together, and fabricates graphics and texts. The meaning of the work transforms as the materials are juxtaposed, hence converse and conflict. The artist is interested in the shift of meaning and the contradiction that are potentially intimated through the graphic-text relationship. Sticker is typically a means of labeling; it is ubiquitous. From star stickers for pupils of excellence, nutrition labels, price tags, to descriptions of artwork, labels seem to impartially represent and comment on things and people. But do they really state facts or do they actually instill certain ideas into us? The stickers found in this work have printed graphic and text, they are like particles with fixed denotation. When these “particles” are packed together, they however suggest rather unstable connotation. Damon’s use of stickers appears rather simple and arbitrary; yet the repetitive endeavor is symbolic of discipline and meditation. The artist persistently experiments in the process of piecing for the best end product. Such outlook on art and creation owes to his artistic training and background. Damon stresses that he is a studio-based artist; and by trying and practicing he finds his own unique artlang. His creative process is explorative, distinctive from one that merely aims at fulfilling some preset prophecies. It can be considered a protest against creativity submitting to dead end goals.

About Artist

About Exhibition


Born in Hong Kong in 1979, Damon Tong received his BA(FA) from the RMIT University (co-presented with the Hong Kong Art School) in 2008 and his Master of Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013. The uses of repetition, texts and colour arrangements were frequently seen in his practices. He is a member of Rental United, an artist trio founded in 2009, which is known for their participatory practices. Recently they have completed their official website, www.rentalunited.hk, where detailed information the trio can be found.

《我最近有點懶》 – 唐偉傑 個人展覽

展覽日期:2014年7月30 至 8月31日
開幕酒會:2014年7月30日(星期三) 晚上7時 @ “百呎公園” (A 展場)



A 展場) 九龍大角咀荔枝角道135號地下
B 展場) 香港北角油街12號 油街實現 (展覽 – “假如(在一起)” @ 百呎公園)



A 展場) 星期四至日 下午2時30分 至 晚上8時
B 展場) 星期一 : 下午2時 至 晚上8時 | 星期二至日 : 上午10時 至 晚上8時



唐偉傑以貼紙拼貼出圖像和文字,內容隨呈現方式的改變而轉化,衍生的意念時而層遞,時而對立,圖像與文字之間的關係,以及內裡價值的轉移及矛盾是唐偉傑關心的課題。貼紙是標籤一種,無處不在,由小時候老師以星星貼紙讚賞表現優異的學生,到食物的營養標籤、消費品的商標、藝術作品的說明,標籤對事物或人作出的評價,甚少被質疑,但深深影響我們閱讀事情。貼紙由圖像和文字組成,貼紙本身尤如穩定的粒子,累積卻變成不穩定的載體。唐偉傑以貼紙創作,看似簡單、隨意,但重覆單一拼貼動作,好比修煉、冥想。唐偉傑在拼貼的過程如不斷試驗,找出最合適的出路,這跟他的藝術訓練背景有關。唐偉傑強調自己是一個屬於工作室 (studio-based)的藝術家,透過不斷試驗來找出屬於自己的藝術語言。這跟創作過程只是用來引證目標正確的想法很不同,也許是對以目標為本的創作模式的一種抗議。