MYOPIA | Installation by Jae Hyun LIM

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MYOPIA | Installation by Jae Hyun LIM

MYOPIA | Installation by Jae Hyun LIM

Exhibition Period :
January 17, 2015 – February 17, 2015

Opening Reception :
January 17, 2015 7:00PM

Opening Hours :
Wed-Sun 2:30pm – 8:00pm

Address :
G/F , 135 Lai Chi Kok Road,Tai Kok Tsui ,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

About Exhibition



“Figures take shape insofar as we can recognize, in passing discourse, something that has been read, heard, felt. The figure is outlined (like a sign) and memorable (like an image or a tale).”
— Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments

100ft. PARK is pleased to present “MYOPIA”, installation by Jae Hyun Lim between January 17 – February 17, 2015, investigating human behavior under the intervention of temporary spatial setting on street level.

“MYOPIA” is a journey into the act of narrow-mindedness shaped by seeing our mind and body brought to its stillness.

The project begins with a spatial condition of transparent glass wall that separates two spaces; a gallery and street. Pedestrians often simply pass by the gallery. They notice something occasionally but not enough to change the course of their journey so they simply continue.

The objective here is to divert this pattern of relationship using the wall as a means of interacting with the streetscape. The intervention functions as a mediator that facilitates a scene in which our body becomes a part of performance of “seeing” or “being seen”.

The installation consists of a reflector, viewfinder, and reticle. Each element is brought together as a moment in space. The temporal nature of the installation is contrasted to their resolute stillness as objects, suggesting that what is presented here is merely a single instant from a multitude of unknown and variable scenes.

As we get closer to “MYOPIA” our body gradually adjusts itself to the stillness of the installation. Our perceptual sense increases as our movement becomes still; we become a part of the scene by mimicking its silence and immobility in an attempt to gain understanding of the totality of it all.

To see is to surrender
To observe is to suspend…

About Artist

Born in Korea, Jae Hyun Lim is currently Lecturer at Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. He has conducted and participated in various lectures, workshops and courses of design. As a resident curator/artist at the Praya One ( in Cheung Chau Island, where he lives and works, Jae continues to organize and curate events and exhibitions of works by others and himself. In addition to developing architectural projects and installations, his current research focus is examining a various relationships of landscape/artifact/visualization and how they affect and question our definition of perception and reality.










於韓國出生的林宰賢現為香港大學建築系講師,活躍參與不同類型的講課、工作坊及設計課程。林宰賢於長洲生活並成立了Praya One ( ,擔任該空間的駐場策展人及藝術家,組織及策劃活動及展覽,展示自己和其他創作者的作品。除了參與和建築及裝置有關的計劃外,林宰賢亦專注研究環境、人造物和形象之間的關係,探討這些因素如何影響人對感知和現實的理解。