《策你老毛》阿金藝術計劃 “Curate No More” Gum’s Art Project

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“Curate No More” 9 – Photography
Gum’s Art Project (2013-2015)

24 July – 9 Aug 2015
Opening Reception
24 July 2015 (19:00 ~ 23:00)

Address :
1/F ,220 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po ,Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening Hour : Thursday – Sunday , 1600 – 2000 (Other time please by appointment)

“After Blossom” is a new kinetic video installation work extended from Chloe’s previous work “The Burst of Pleasure”. Enchanted by the sensation that the burst of bubbles and balloons arouses, Chloe would like to further explore the material of soap bubble and its implication for her lived experience.

Chloe associates the shadow of leaves blown by the wind with soap bubbles to express the peacefulness following a chaotic period in her life; Chloe invites the audience to feel the work together with a little poem.


About Artist

Chloe Cheuk focuses on the emotional connection with mechanical devices, exploring ordinary objects and their encounter to bring about dialogue and multiple implications. She obtained her Bachelor of Art (Honour) degree in Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong and received Special Mention Award at the 19th ifva Festival (Interactive Media Category). Her individual and collaborative works have been selected to exhibit in Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East.

《策你老毛》9 之 攝影

《策你老毛》9 之 攝影
“Curate No More” 9 – Photography

內容: 於2013年9月至2015年8月,每星期為自己兩個女兒在同一地點、邀請她們擺同一姿勢拍照,記錄女兒兩年來的身體變化


Established in June, 2007 at Prince Edward, C&G Artpartmet is run by the couple of C, as Clara (Clara Cheung), and G, as Gum (Cheng Yee-Man, Gum). In the past few years, they have worked together to curate numerous art exhibitions, while G (Gum) also has individually curated more than ten art projects. Most “curators” in Hong Kong are doing repetitive, simplistic and boring works, especially those within the government who often are only civil servants within the bureaucratic structure. The appearance of M+ re-emphasizes the repetitive curatorial strategy with “big names” of artists, simple concepts and boring directions focusing on particular art media. Even “independent” curators in Hong Kong are not any better; they usually do not have enough paid jobs and basically are exploited freelancers. Can “curatorship” be more meaningful in Hong Kong? If whoever able to do repetitive, simplistic and boring works can be a curator, can we say “everyone is a curator?” C&G is going to have a reform in 2013. One change will be G(Gum) pausing his curatorial activities for two years, until August 2015. During this period, C(Clara) will continue the curatorial works of artpartment, and is going to custom-made a series of on-going art projects which consist of 10 tasks to be completed within 100 weeks of the two years.

The ten on-going art projects involve different art media: performance art, sculpture, painting, text, mail art, photography, drawing, art criticism, sound art, video art etc. The projects are about his personal life, family, current issues, history, politics, art etc. These ten on-going projects are repetitive, simplistic and boring, but will be well documented. Project venues will mostly be at C&G Artpartment, and be changed to other sites, depending on each project’s characteristics and daily life requirements. Amongst, one project is to take photos of their two daughters at the same site, with the same posture from the same angle once a week. Another one is titled “Sculpt Myself” which is similar to a weight-loss scheme. G(Gum) will do a number of push-ups every night before going to bed (20 push-ups for the first day, and, with an increase everyday, more than 50 push-ups after one month of the project). This simple repetition of the same activities will be continued for two years in order to “sculpt” the body. Another project titled “Dance Old Dance,” is about taking one photo of one dance posture at one local site with sculpture or architecture that is non-user friendly or too much old-fashioned. Two years later, the 100 photos of different dance postures will be combined to make a simple stop-motion animation. There will be other repetitive, simplistic and boring tasks executed by G(Gum) within these two years, including mailing a postcard to himself and painting one self-portrait each week etc.

The current project will allow G(Gum) take a temporary break from the role of curator after being such for almost ten years. He will become a normal Hongkonger with regular routines, regular family life and regular livelihood. This project is a challenging attempt to search for the pleasurable treasures within the bitter routines, and a way to learn to wisely accumulate time. On the other hand, throughout the on-going, repetitive investigation and art-making exercises, one can also accumulate experiences, understandings and knowledge. Time and energy involved will make “changes.” Such changing process can then reveal “insights.” These “insights” will be shared with audience in the future after G(Gum) returns to his curatorial work. If one can “wisely accumulate time,” then “everyone can be an artist,” and “everyone can be a curator.” You are welcome to C & G Artpartment and 7 other venues to visit and exchange ideas with the artist.

C & G藝術單位於2007年6月在太子正式成立,單位主事人為兩夫婦,C為Clara(張嘉莉),G為Gum(鄭怡敏,阿金)。他們在這幾年間,以C & G名義共同策劃藝術展覽、項目、計劃等數十項;G(阿金)以個人名義策展藝術活動不下十多項。但「策展」在香港,尤其在政府架構而言,也只是官僚架構下的公務員,從事既重複、又簡單、又刻板的工作,就算M+的出現,其策劃方向仍只看到重複的利用「大名」、簡單而膚淺的策展理念、刻板的以媒介物料作主導;就算「獨立策展」在香港而言,也不就是開工不足、被受剝削的自由工作(free-lance)。「策展」在香港,可否有來一點意思?如果從事既重複、又簡單、又刻板的工作,都能作為策展人,那,「人人都是策展人」了。2013年,C & G將作出變革,其中一變就是G(阿金)暫停策展藝術活動兩年,至2015年8月止,期間,將由C(Clara)繼續單位的策展工作,並為G(阿金)度身策劃一連串為期兩年,而同時需分別完成十個持續進行一百個星期的藝術計劃。

十個持續藝術計劃的媒介包括:行為藝術、雕塑、繪畫、文字、郵遞藝術、攝影、素描、評論、聲音、錄像等。計劃內容涉及個人、家庭、時事、歷史、政治、藝術等。這十個持續兩年的計劃「重複」、「簡單」、「刻板」,但以即興具計劃的紀錄方式進行。進行地點會以C & G藝術單位為中心,再按個別計劃需要 及 日常生活作協調,而在不同地方進行。其中一個計劃是每星期為他們兩個女兒在同一地點、同一姿勢、同一角度拍照,紀錄她們成長;另一計劃是《雕塑自己》,近似修身減肥,G(阿金)每天臨睡覺前規定做一節掌上壓(首天,一節只做到二十多下,一個月後就做到五十多下),以純粹重複做單一種運動讓自己修身,並將持續兩年,達至「雕塑自己」;又另一個計劃是《跳老舞》,即每星期到全港各地非人性化或超級老土的戶外公共雕塑 或 建築,只拍攝一個跳舞動作,預計兩年後共有一百個跳舞動作,並可串連成一輯簡短的單格動畫;還有其他重覆、簡單、刻板的工作在進行,包括每星期寄一封明信片給自己;每星期為自己畫一幅自畫像等等。