Floral Journey《花渡》 – Experimental Art Exhibition 實驗性創作共展

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“Floral Journey”

Experimental Art Exhibition
Chan Rui-Ka,Grace , Dan Hin-Ka,Ann , Yiu Kwan-Ho,Boy

“Floral Journey” – Experimental Art Exhibition

Chan Rui-Ka,Grace. Dan Hin-Ka,Ann. Yiu Kwan-Ho,Boy

Exhibition Organizer:
To Ting-Hei,Terry. Put Shun Lam, Grace

21.05.2017 – 17.06.2017

Exhibition Opening Hours :
Thursday – Friday, 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday – Sunday, 2:00pm – 8:00pm
(Other time by appointment only)

Address : 1/F ,220 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po ,Kowloon, Hong Kong

Chan Rui-Ka,Grace. Dan Hin-Ka,Ann. Yiu Kwan-Ho,Boy
Exhibition Organizer:
To Ting-Hei,Terry. Put Shun Lam, Grace

The growing background of a person influences his habits and the ways of thinking which forms different perspectives. 3 artists make a dialogue to each others to discuss their points of views. Later, they reached a consensus of the art work direction after several discussions. The relationship between the work and the space is closely linked to the artistic direction and the presentation of work by artists. Artwork, space, audiences, the relationship between the three stakeholders are related to each other and affecting the perception of the artwork.


The entire space was made up of tiles. The tiles in the site were metaphors for a person to revisit the past memory of oneself. The subtlety floral marking of each tile could be seen under the light which creating a looming visual effect. The work tries to show that even if the past has been forgotten, there are still traces can be found or implicitly reproduced. The thinking status of a person is always lined in between real and unreal, observing and resonating with his own memories. Every moment is a brand new start and re-positioning for ourselves in our lives.


Memories will create a concept of a linear space in people’ minds: now, past, future. If we assume that the spatial structure is a range and bounded by the timeliness, we observe the presence of one self from another interpretation – from the shore of paradise. Lycoris Radiata was a symbol for the journey. From here to another far shore, each flower represents different dismays, different thoughts, different sustenance, different lost. Life, made up of different ups and downs. However, people think about the good old days, forget to live in the present, and in the end all would be vanished when the farewell comes.


We experiment with different materials, focusing on the trivial things of the environment. We hope to arouse different sensory reactions through different visual and sense of touch of materials in this exhibition. By giving an interpretation of different types of perception, we tried to create this sensory experience by this jointly exhibition to the audiences.

《花渡》 – 實驗性創作共展

陳睿加 、譚衍嘉、姚君豪

《花渡》 – 實驗性創作共展

陳睿加 、譚衍嘉、姚君豪

展覽日期:2017年5月21日 至 2017年6月17日

展覽開放時間:星期四至五 – 下午 4時至8時
星期六至日 – 下午 2時至8時

地址:香港 九龍深水埗鴨寮街220號1樓

每個人的成長背景影響他的習慣及思考模式形成不同觀點。3位藝術家通過對話與討論展現各自觀點;並不斷修改及商討不同的見解,揉合出一個共同思維方向。創作者對於如何呈現作品主體 ; 了解到作品和空間環境的關係。作品、空間、觀眾三者的關係互有關聯並影響對作品的觀感。

回憶在大腦中會建立出一個彷如線性的空間概念:現在、過去、未來。 若假設空間結構為有範圍和邊界及時間性,我們從一個世界觀照我們自己及處身的世界,並以彼岸花作喻意。由一個彼岸渡至另一個彼岸,每朵花代表不同的不捨,不同的思念,不同的寄託,不同的迷失。人生, 總碰見很多美好的事,只是人往往留戀記憶之中,忘了珍惜眼前, 到最後一一離別。

About Artist :

Chan Rui-Ka, Grace

Grace is a painter, an graphic designer, and she is also a clay-manic, she likes to study the characteristic of all forms of clay materials. Grace finds excelling hand building techniques being the most challenging. There is never a standard formula in building the flawless clay art. From experience to experiment, you must find the perfect balance in glaze formula, as well as fire temperature. Most of all, everything must be under control in all stages.


The unpredictability and extensible of glazing and vitrification also aroused Grace’s interest most. The whole transformation process seems quietly under-going inside the kiln. In fact, different level of chemical reaction and material resonance is happening in every single second, altering the object’s form and outlook. This is the reason why each ceramic art is one of a kind.


Dan Hin-Ka, Ann

Ann sees Mix-Media as her principal medium, she is concerned about everything in relation to life and death. Ann’s creations will also focus on exploring the topic of memory. As a mix-media artists, Ann always stretches out her creations with different mediums, adding more elements to her painting.


She has presented her works in several joint exhibitions in Hong Kong; namely the Cattle Depot (2012) and the White Tube at Hong Kong Art Center (2011). Besides an active artist, Ann is also an experienced exhibition helper. She has helped Ai Yamaguchi and Jayne Dyer to complete their exhibitions in Hong Kong.


Ann has been working for ‘Viewor’ (http://viewor.hk), an Art Education web site, until 2013; and has helped setting up the “Petit Cottage” studio in 2013 at JCCAC. Ann is now a part time artist and a curator.

Yiu Kwan-Ho, Boy

Boy is currently an artist assistant, targeting to gain art-related working experience. He earned his Bachelor of Art (Fine Arts) from the RMIT University (2010), major in sculpture, and later on gained his Master of Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University.


“My works is sculpture and concept base. All my artwork is associating with my personal experience and interest. I hope my artwork can catch audience’s attention, relating with them and eventually incites them to make a change in their daily life.” – Boy